This is a brief sampling of articles that predate those I have been tracking on this site.

Whistle-blower claims his accusations cost him his job Nature (June 2011)

Dark matter no-show confronts supersymmetry Nature (April 2011)

Radio antenna decision makes waves – procedural transparency at the NSF Nature (February 2011)

Cancer trial errors revealed – Anil Potti case Nature (January 2011)

Missing part delays space mission – delays on LISA pathfinder Nature (January 2011)

The supersolid’s nemesis – profile of John Reppy Nature (December 2010)

G-whizzes disagree over gravity Nature (August 2010)

Universal rule discovered for languages New Scientist (June 2010)

Former MIT biologist penalized for falsifying data Nature (February 2009)

Data irregularities in the work of MIT professor New Scientist (October 2005)

Bubble-fusion researcher debarred from federal funding Nature (November 2009)

Silencing the hype — doubts over the bubble-fusion claims of Rusi Taleyarkhan Nature (March 2006)

Loopholes in DOE oversight (refers to this FOIA ruling) Nature (December 2007)

Oak ridge researchers admit errors The Boston Globe (November 2006)

Doubts over stem cell images prompt inquiry New Scientist (August 2009)

Stem cell researcher guilty of falsifying data New Scientist (October 2008)

Fresh questions on stem cell findings New Scientist (March 2007)

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